A More Perfect Union, 2012

“The fact that this is an odds-against album is a small part of this story but worth mentioning. That Pete Seeger, in his early 90’s and Lorre Wyatt, coming back from a career halting stroke in 1996, still have the talent and strength to make music is inspiring. That they still have so much to say that needs to be heard makes this a vital work. . . . What a gift of warmth, wisdom and wit.”
– Michael Devlin, Music Matters Review

* * *

“The opening track, ‘God’s Counting on Me... God’s Counting on You,’ stands out almost as much as Wyatt’s old gem ‘Somos El Barco/We Are the Boat,’ and it’s almost impossible not to be moved by two hoary men harmonizing on ‘Old Apples’ about wrinkly fruit that ‘still can make good sauce’.”
– Mahir Ali, The Weekend Australian

* * *

“Seeger and Wyatt reveal an easy rapport and still-vibrant creativity. Musically, it's a richly varied set… There are uplifting sing-alongs... a poignant Katrina lament… an antiwar protest… and the reflective title song… Seeger and Wyatt also poke some fun at their earnestness and age, with "Howling for Our Supper" and the bluesy "Old Apples," which contains the telling line: "I guess old apples still can make good sauce.”
– Nick Cristiano, Philadelphia Inquirer

* * *

" A More Perfect Union, [is] a great album that stands as a testament to the faith and resilience of both artists. This may be the first album that Seeger's ever recorded that contains all new, all original material, and many of the tunes here are as good as anything Seeger or Wyatt has ever written or recorded. Musically, the album is as diverse as anything (either has) cut. Dozens of harmony singers, including Bruce Springsteen, make them sound like campfire singalongs. ..."Fields of Harmony" is a testament to the power of music to enrich and preserve life...The loping cowboy rhythm of "Bountiful River" makes it sound like another anthem, a salute to friendship, music, and the healing power of nature with a gorgeous, timeless chorus."
- J Poet, AllMusic.com

Roots and Branches, 1985

It's my pure joy to review good stuff from good people; thus my pleasure at recommending Lorre Wyatt's Roots and Branches (Folk Legacy) (*****), an album which combines social concern, humor, and traditionals, with a genuine folk hit. Wyatt, who has sailed and sung with Pete Seeger on the Clearwater, shares the social / musical vision of that merry crew - a belief in the essential goodness of humanity and the power of song to address evil.
- Robert E Weir, The Hartford Advocate, Aug 31 1987

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